Sewer Cleaning – Know What the Problems Are

Sewer cleaning is an unavoidable service required by most municipal governments. Even homes without city sewer lines run through some part of the building and require regular maintenance. Failure to maintain your sewage pipes results in unhealthy and/or unsanitary conditions inside your home and a hazard to those that reside there. Sewer cleaning professionals use advanced equipment and methods to safely remove both organic and inorganic materials from the walls of your drains and sewer lines. This prevents dangerous toxins and chemicals from entering your home and promotes the health and safety of your family.

A typical drain cleaner is either a mechanical device like a plunger, pipe wrench, drain snake, or similar machine, or a chemical solution that interacts with the clog in your pipes and clears out unwanted debris. For example, using a jetter on a kitchen sink will force a jet of water down the pipe, which pushes the clog down the pipe. Another common household jetter used for sewer cleaning purposes is a garden hose. These jetters have a nozzle on the end that pumps water or other liquid out of the pipes, preventing the build up of sediment and encouraging the escape of large debris.

Many people are not aware of the need for public sewer cleaning and often don’t call a plumber when they encounter a clogged drain. It is important to clean drains properly to ensure maximum safety for your family and pets. When you notice any sort of build up of debris, be sure to call a licensed and trusted plumbing professional as quickly as possible. If you attempt to clean the problem yourself, you may end up making the situation worse by introducing dangerous chemical compounds into your home or by causing damage to your sewage line.

Some homeowners believe that grease, oils, and tree roots pose a health threat when flushed down toilets. While it is true that these may be problems for some people, they pose no danger to your family. Still, it is advisable to invest in an affordable toilet auger that will prevent larger pieces of debris from getting flushed down the toilet. The easiest way to remove tree roots and grease is with a sewer snake auger. Tree roots can be especially stubborn, but with the help of a reliable snake auger they can easily be removed from your sewer system.

As mentioned earlier, sewer cleaning is not a DIY project. A reputable plumber should be called in before beginning work to ensure there are no underlying issues that could affect your water supply. If there is a clog in your sewer line, it is essential that it be cleared. Otherwise, you risk the potential for black to black water that can become extremely harmful to your plumbing system over time. Fortunately, most household plumbing systems can be cleared (and even replaced) with relatively little expense or effort.

For the best results, don’t attempt to clear your own pipes. Instead, contact a professional and leave the task to them. You may even be better off calling a plumber to come and cleanse your drainage system for you. Tree roots can become a serious problem if left untreated, and by removing them with mechanical cleaning methods you protect yourself as well as your family.