Sports Chiropractor – How Do You Become a Sports Chiropractor?

Sports chiropractic is a specialization of chiropractic. It typically takes two years after chiropractic school to earn a degree and/or a diploma from a chiropractic medicine program. A sports chiropractor can perform diagnostic testing, therapeutic adjustments, treatments of sports injuries and recommendations for prevention and fitness. Sports Chiropractic clinic is generally located at a place where athletes are located, like a golf course.

An athletic chiropractor will address the physical structure of the spine and various joints of the upper extremities. He/she will assess and treat soft tissue injuries as well as skeletal issues to restore proper mechanics in movement. The chiropractor will also recommend stretching exercises and other specific training programs that will help an athlete maintain or enhance athletic performance and prevent injury. A sports chiropractor can teach athletes specific stretching and strengthening exercises to help prevent injury. He/she will also instruct the athlete on the comprehensive stretching regimen that will strengthen muscles and help prevent further injury.

Chiropractic physicians are trained in many aspects of health care including diagnostic and preventive medicine, sports medicine, and clinical practice. They acquire additional education throughout their career to help them become highly skilled at their craft. They will likely work with a panel of patients to help them overcome sports injuries, which will increase his/her confidence and skill in the treatment of other athletes. A sports chiropractor will have extensive experience treating athletes. He/she will have treated numerous patients with a variety of injuries, which will give him/her a unique understanding of the mind/body connection and how to treat a wide range of injuries, both acute and chronic.

Sports chiropractors use a comprehensive approach to treatment to heal and rehabilitate athletes. Sports chiropractic physicians are committed to implementing safe and effective exercises, stretching and strength training programs for athletes. They will strive to develop a comprehensive treatment protocol that will address the cause of the injury and prevent future injuries. In addition to stretching and strength training, they will likely perform soft tissue treatments to correct neuromuscular imbalances and correct underlying neurological issues.

The techniques that a sports chiropractor may implement include the application of gentle, passive techniques such as gentle stretching and ultrasound to the affected area. If an athlete is prone to acute injuries, the sports chiropractor may apply a traction appliance to help reduce pain. These devices require direct manipulation of the soft tissue. Other techniques that a chiropractor may recommend include ice, cold packs, massage, hydrotherapy, manual stimulation, and other exercise rehabilitation techniques.

A highly experienced sports chiropractor can also identify and treat specific injuries that occur in the spine and across the shoulder region. Sports chiropractors perform a thorough physical exam on an athlete and discuss the training and practices that may be necessary to prevent further injuries. Sports chiropractors will analyze the structure of the spine and the musculoskeletal system to determine if there is an acute or chronic problem and if an athlete should avoid certain activities due to fear of further injury. For example, an athlete may not be able to safely climb stairs or climb ladders because of the pain caused by the muscles in his neck and shoulders. Preventive exercises for various body parts, such as the back, hips, legs, and wrists, are also recommended to help keep the body properly aligned.

Chiropractic professionals are licensed by the State of Florida. Chiropractic colleges in the United States are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Sports Chiropractic Education. They are required to participate in continuing education programs and submit to annual on-the-job training for medical insurance coverage. To become a professional sports chiropractor in the United States, you must obtain a graduate degree in chiropractic from an accredited college. The majority of chiropractors begin their careers as orthopedic or family physicians before pursuing a career as a sports chiropractor.

There are many benefits that come along with a career as a sports chiropractor. Many athletes use the services of a chiropractor before and after they participate in athletic events and often choose to continue with their treatment’s long after their athletic career has ended. Professional sports chiropractors can help to prevent injury and correct muscle imbalances that result in athletic ineligence and injury. Sports Chiropractic had grown tremendously in popularity over the past decade and is now one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine used by athletes and active individuals.